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Phone insurance is becoming the necessity nowadays. We cannot ignore the importance of Mobile phone insurance or cell phone insurance because the devices are moving in Smartphone groups due to which it is becoming very expensive. Nowadays we always take our mobile phone with us. It is always our constant companion whether at work or somewhere else. There are the possibilities that we forget our phone somewhere and later on we did not get it. It can be damaged in accidents or it can be lost. Now if we think to purchase a new phone then we need a good amount of money. Keeping these types of situation in mind, mobile phone companies in alliance with insurance companies are presenting mobile phone insurance to shoppers.

It is like other insurances where you pay a premium. It is planned according to the basis of market price of your cell phone and the kind of plan you take. In case your cell phone gets damaged or somebody stoles it then insurance company covers the loss occurred.  The premium is not so much expensive and you can get the daily peace of mind. There are various types of insurance plan available in the marketplace. You can choose the plan according to your need and the premium which you wish to pay so that you can get coverage for your cell phone. Several insurance groups have the criteria to complete 21 years if a person is willing to take insurance.

This insurance policy mostly gives coverage for:

(1)   Accidental damage occurred: The insurance company provides you the cost of repairing the mobile phone and incase repairing is not possible then they provide you the complete cost of phone.

(2)   It provides you coverage in case you lose your mobile in an accident. Insurance companies give you the complete amount of the handset. It also gives you coverage in case your mobile has been stolen.

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