What is College Insurance Plan


When one is enrolling in a college, it is imperative to have the health insurance secured. Now after a certain age the parent’s policy might not cover the health of the child. So once one enrols into college, one might have to consider taking college health insurance coverage. Since the college campus health clinic will provide free service in some conditions, one must check for the rules and the campus treatment facility. Different colleges offer different college insurance plans. When one enrols for a college insurance plan, the student is usually covered for any treatment in the campus as well as in out of campus treatment, although the premium for outside treatment might be more.

Office visits and routine checkups are usually free of cost in a college campus but for laboratory tests such insurance will come in handy.

Of course if one has pre-existing conditions, then such college insurance schemes might not cover pre-existing conditions or there may be higher premiums for a college insurance plan. Mostly pre-existing conditions does not exclude one from college insurance plans, however one might only be covered for conditions other then the pre-existing condition. Or in some case, one may have to pay higher premiums.

One can easily check on the plan benefits and accordingly choose the right plan and it will definitely save on costs if one has to have treatment while studying in college and also is a great way of having financial security in case of unforeseen health problems.

College insurance plans are different and one must find out if there is coverage during the vacation period and in the event of having health problem during the summer break, one has to look at this before the taking the college health insurance plan.

General consideration if the plan is a provides a specific list of health providers or can one seek treatment from anywhere and whether referral is required are good general considerations before taking college insurance.

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