What is Travel Insurance


Travel Insurance is one of the most popular forms of insurances. It covers people for many types of unexpected expenses which they may be forced to incur while travelling. Example scenarios in which travel insurance would pay out are those when the initial travel plans are disrupted, for example by strike action or flights being cancelled for whatever reason, forcing the traveller to arrange accommodation unexpectedly in a hotel. Medical expenses for illnesses or conditions contracted during the trip are usually also covered, including repatriation expenses if the condition is judged to make an immediate return to the home country advisable.

In the event that the insured parties, while travelling, should find it necessary to incur legal expenses, travel insurance will usually provide for their reimbursement. In the case of the death of one or more of the insured parties while travelling, travel insurance could usually cover the cost of the funeral.

Some sports activities that are deemed to be of unusually high risk, for example skiing, are often included from standard travel insurance policies.

Travel insurance cover can be purchased either on a per-trip basis or on a yearly basis, covering all trips made during that time. It can be bought for individuals or for families.

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